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ONT passenger traffic decline to enter sixth year

June 20, 2013

ONTARIO >> With no signs of turning the corner, L.A./Ontario International Airport will see a decline in air service for the sixth year in a row, according to a recent report to the Ontario International Airport Authority. Aviation consultant Nick Johnson told the authority ONT is on track to handle fewer than 4 million passengers, 25 percent of its capability, this year. The nine-page report evaluated several factors -- passenger growth, air service, and seat capacity -- which all pointed to continued declines at ONT.

LETTER: Let’s get control of ONT

June 20, 2013

In an online search for airline tickets to attend a family reunion in Pittsburgh, I encountered a “pop-up” offering a $150 savings if I departed from LAX on an airline that also flies from Ontario International Airport. Since I came to Corona more than 13 years ago, I’ve always tried to use ONT because of ease of access, parking safety and fast check-in procedures. The times I’ve picked up friends or relatives from the Orange County airport, it’s more nightmare than fun because of traffic, parking troubles and the volume of people waiting for their baggage.

LAWA board president denies request for ONT meeting

June 19, 2013

ONTARIO -- Don't expect Los Angeles World Airports' governing body to hold a board meeting at L.A./Ontario International Airport anytime soon. LAWA's Board of Airport Commissioners president Michael Lawson has denied an April invitation to meet in Ontario. Alan Wapner, the president of the Ontario International Airport Authority, sent a letter on April 17, just days after Ontario filed a claim to dissolve the joint-powers agreement between the two cities and LAWA, which manages ONT, LAX and Van Nuys airports. The city eventually filed a lawsuit on June 3.

ONTARIO: LA's airport attention too little too late

June 19, 2013

The 11th hour attentions of Los Angeles officials to Ontario International Airport should be seen for what they are: window dressing, hollow words, hypocrisy. On June 6, three days after Ontario sued LA to regain local control of the declining Inland airport, LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa offered to reopen negotiations on a transfer of ONT — if Ontario would drop the lawsuit. Villaraigosa leaves office on June 30 after eight years. He went old-school to get his offer to his Ontario counterpart. He sent it U.S. mail, didn’t even email a copy.

Lou Desmond AM590 the latest efforts to regain local control of Ontario Airport

June 18, 2013

Thank you to Lou Desmond AM590 for hosting Ontario Council Member Alan Wapner and Press Enterprise Reporter Cassie MacDuff for a conversation about the latest efforts to regain local control of Ontario Airport.  Click on the link below for the June 18th show and fast forward to 15:05 for the complete interview.  Set ONTario Free!

ONTARIO: Downward spiral continues at Inland airport

June 17, 2013

The best part of flying out of Ontario International Airport has been the absence of long lines. It has made ONT a delight compared to LAX. But recently, passengers have been kept waiting at a ground-floor security checkpoint before they’re even allowed upstairs to go through the metal detectors and full-body scanners. Is this a deliberate plot by Los Angeles World Airports to make ONT unpleasant, to push even more passengers to LAX? (LAWA owns both.) It’s hard not to wonder when Ontario has lost 45 percent of its passenger volume since the 2008 recession, while LAX is rebounding.

Ads should go all in for ONT-boosting: Opinion

June 11, 2013

Los Angeles World Airports' "marketing campaign" for L.A./Ontario International Airport is a welcome initiative. Unfortunately, the first volley of the campaign largely misses the mark - or at least, what should have been its target: marketing ONT.

When LAWA announced last week that it would launch a new advertising campaign -- with the slogan "Together, the sky's the limit. Fly ONT!" -- it was noted here that it was "an excellent step but comes awfully late in the game ..."

Airport lawsuit could be early test for Garcetti

June 5, 2013

You might recall that the mayor-elect came out against moving the northern runway 260 feet closer to Westchester (though still within the confines of LAX). That, of course, won him support among nearby residents who have been grousing about airport expansion for decades.

Garcetti should restart negotiations over ONT transfer: Editorial

June 5, 2013

Eric Garcetti, L.A.'s incoming mayor, should step in quickly once he takes office to restart negotiations over L.A./Ontario International Airport.

EDITORIAL: LA should cede control of Ontario airport

June 5, 2013

Ontario International Airport needs management fully committed to the facility’s success. The pending legal battle over the airport should prompt Los Angeles to begin negotiating seriously about shifting the airport to local control. A continued policy of official neglect by Los Angeles will only doom the struggling Inland airport.