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Report warns of steep traffic decline at Ontario airport

August 5, 2013

A persistent decline in passengers at L.A./Ontario International Airport has become so severe that the once-popular facility could reach a point where recovery would be almost impossible, Inland Empire officials warned Monday in a new report. Touted by Forbes magazine several years ago as one of the best alternative metropolitan airports in the nation, Ontario lost almost 40% of its 7.2 million annual passengers from 2007 to 2012. A further 8% decline is expected this year, which would bring the volume of travelers to just under 4 million, the lowest in a generation.

ONTARIO: Inland airport continues downward spiral, LAX climbs

July 29, 2013

Passenger traffic at Ontario International Airport continues to nosedive: 8.5 percent fewer passengers used ONT last month than in June 2012. Meanwhile, sister airport Los Angeles International enjoyed a healthy increase of 6.5 percent. Thanks a lot, Los Angeles World Airports (owner of LAX and ONT). Ontario is suing LA and LAWA to regain local control of ONT, hoping to pull the Inland airport out of its death spiral. I asked Ontario Councilman Alan Wapner about ONT’s latest numbers.

ONTARIO: Fewer passengers at ONT, more at LAX

July 28, 2013

More bad news for the Inland Empire’s favorite airport: Passenger traffic at Ontario International Airport continues to nosedive, according to figures released by its owner, Los Angeles World Airports. In June, ONT saw 8.5 percent fewer travelers than in June 2012. At the same time, Los Angeles International enjoyed a healthy increase in passenger traffic. In June, LAX hosted 6.5 percent more passengers than in June 2012. Want the hard numbers? ONT flew 341,967 passengers in June, 31,685 fewer than last June. LAX flew 6,114,514 passengers in June, 374,610 more than last June. Thanks, LAWA.

Ontario making a case for LAX lawsuit

July 18, 2013

It was a move that may have left some perplexed -- why would Ontario sue over a project involving an airport outside of San Bernardino County? The Inland Empire city has filed a joint lawsuit with San Bernardino County, Inglewood and Culver City opposing the modernization plan for Los Angeles International Airport raising, among many reasons, concerns about traffic and air-quality that could result from the project. The recent suit, one of two already filed by the city in the past three months, may be a tactic to regain control of its own airport.

ONTARIO International Airport: The NSA Leaker stops here?

July 2, 2013

Edward “The Leaker” Snowden has been holed-up in a Moscow airport for days, Googling for a country that will give him asylum. Doesn’t look good. Meanwhile, news reports say his dad is trying to arrange for Edward’s return to the U.S. provided he “…would not be detained prior to trial…” That might be asking too much, considering Edward’s chronic leakage. But it does suggest a compromise: Get him back to the U.S. Place him in familiar but remote surroundings with limited free WiFi and virtually no contact with people. Relocate Edward Snowden to Ontario International Airport.

ONT May passenger traffic down

June 27, 2013

May passenger traffic figures for LA/Ontario International Airport declined 9 .3 percent from the same month last year, making it the largest drop in monthly passenger traffic since October 2011. Back in 2011 ONT experienced a 10.2 percent decline in passenger traffic compared from the same month in 2010. Figures released by Los Angeles World Airports on Wednesday show ONT recorded 339,082 travelers this past May as opposed to the 373,975 that utilized the twin terminals in May 2012.

ONTARIO: Passenger traffic takes a nosedive at ONT

June 26, 2013

Once again, the numbers tell the story. Passenger numbers are up at LAX, down at Ontario International Airport. LAX enjoyed nearly a 5 percent increase in May, compared to May 2012. ONT suffered a 9.33 percent drop, the biggest month-over-month decline since 2011. Last summer, a spokeswoman said the Inland airport had reached a “stable low.” No. It has continued its downward trajectory since 2007. When you compare the first five months of this year to the same period last year, LAX is up 3.62 percent, ONT down 7.99 percent.

Long lines at ONT?

June 26, 2013

Ever encounter issues or long wait times while going through the checkpoint at LA/Ontario International Airport? (I’ve been meaning to get to this item since last week but it’s been a little busy.) Jim Bowman, at last week’s Ontario International Airport Authority, brought up an issue he recently noticed while traveling through the airport – a long line that had formed to go through the first checkpoint. “I noticed a rather extraordinary long line of what should have been manned by someone, instead there was an abandoned TSA station,” he said.

Tiny fraction of overspending on LAX project could boost ONT

June 25, 2013

Audits released Friday of the massive Los Angeles International Airport expansion project show that Los Angeles World Airports' needless overspending on the project exceeds by orders of magnitude the agency's spending to promote L.A./Ontario International Airport. LAWA's insufficient marketing of ONT is one of the central points of Ontario's lawsuit seeking to end LAWA's control of ONT. Ontario claims that LAWA breached its 1967 management agreement in which the agency promised to do its best to attract air service and passengers to ONT.

Audits are critical of agency managing LAX modernization project

June 21, 2013

The agency spending billions of dollars to modernize Los Angeles International Airport needs more financial oversight and relies on too many costly consultants, and a large number of change orders has driven some of the work over budget, according to a series of new audits by City Controller Wendy Greuel. Released late Friday, the audits evaluate the financial management of Los Angeles World Airports and its current $4.1-billion program to improve the Tom Bradley International Terminal, taxiways and the main utility plant at LAX, the sixth-busiest airport in the world.